After my marriage break up and alone with the children, i found i had a lot of time on my hands.  I would sit there thinking about my past, and what i had achieved so far, and apart from having children, not a lot. 
New home, new life, new friends, as my old life i had to leave behind.  So there i was, feeling sorry for myself,  and i knew this wasn't doing any good.  

Browsing through the paper i noticed some vacancies for volunteers, and one in particular caught my eye, Youth Offending Team, i applied, negative thinking started, they wouldn't want someone like me. But to my surprise the offered me an interview, which then turned into a six week training program, various courses, and within time i became a Parent Mentor whose children had been in trouble with the law. I gave this up when i had to move. But it certainly was a pleasant and gratifying role.

After the move, i then became increasingly bored, had more problems at home, and needed to throw myself into something. I joined MySpace, and met some incredible people, i embarked on helping a couple of musicians help run their profiles, and a comedian (which came in handy later on in life). I also helped a Internet radio station with it's profile, and became good friends with Liz, who is an amazing wonderful lady who has MS and wheelchair bound. 

By then my health was starting to suffer, and i couldn't walk far, my depression had also started, so after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, decided to set up a support group. But with no money, i applied for a grant, again me being negative, thought it would never happen, but hey presto it did, and the support group was then set up. Every week we had a different talker, or we would do something different, it certainly lifted people's spirits and people formed new friendships.  The group was a success.

I also started volunteering for a children's club during the school holidays helping with looking after the children and getting my hands dirty, arts and crafts, sports, cooking, and being the general dogs body. To my dismay the club was coming to an end due to lack of funds. So this little light bulb flashes and i decide to call upon the comedian who i was helping out. I got in touch, and asked him to come and put a show on here in Launceston to help raise funds, thinking he wouldn't do it, but again proved wrong and he agreed. He had be such an inspiration to me as i was growing up, and i was so honoured and hysterical even when he said yes. We had raised enough funds after this for another year.

It was then i decided to take a part time job, and with all my experience decided to put it to good use.
I landed a job helping women move on from their abusive relationships, to embark on a new life, 
i ran 2 support groups and visited in their homes, and it was great, i facilitated a 12 week recovery toolkit
to help with self esteem and self confidence, and to watch this vulnerable women grow into strong determined women who had turned their lives around completely was so satisfying and wonderful to see.
Then the bombshell came as the Government decided to cut our funding and i was made redundant.

So where do i go from here?.......................................................................................................... 

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