Positive Affirmations

I Am Powerful And Loving And I Have Nothing To Fear

I Relax Knowing That I Can Handle All That Needs To Be Handled

I Am Powerful And I Love It

I Stand Tall And Take Full Responsibility For My Life

I Know I Can Handle Whatever Happens In My Life

I Am Moving Forward With Confidence And With Love

I Trust My Inner Wisdom Will Lead Me To Wherever I Need To Go

I Have Within Me Enough Power And Love To Create All That I Shall Ever Need

Life Is Huge And I Embrace It All

I Feel The Fear....And Do It Anyway

I Let Go Of Blame And Take Control Of My Reactions To All Experiences In My Life

I Act Responsibly And Lovingly Towards Myself And Others

I Am Breaking Through Old Patterns And Moving Forward With My Life

I Am Now Handling All My Fears

I Am Creating Everything I Want, Easily And Effortlessly

My World Is Filled With Abundance

I Am Now Creating A Healthy Radiant Body

I Am Filling My Life With Peace And Joy

I Allow My Mind To Relax And Let Go

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  1. What a list of good affirmations. Thanks for sharing this. Bookmarked you site by the way :)

    Mary of key to happiness