Crisis Box

A friend of mine was telling me about an emergency box she made when she reached crisis stage.
This can be homemade and filled with personal items. So next time you reach a crisis, reach into this box. You will need a shoe box, or anything similar that has a lid, decorate it if you wish.

Place inside a list of people you can call or text when your feeling down, phone numbers of your best friend, relatives, Samaritans, Nightlink, any numbers you can think of you can call when your feeling distressed, isolated, alone, in crisis, or frightened. 
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Why i say write these numbers down, is that we don't often think to call someone and keep it to ourselves, we bottle it up and manifests, which is why it's handy to keep a list of  people you can call upon.

Other things you can place in this box:

Bar of Chocolate (or your favourite sweet). (Not to many mind) and not to be touched unless it's really needed) !!
Sachet of  Hot Chocolate.
Happy photo's to bring back happy thoughts and memories.
Couple of cd's of your favourite music.
Positive Quotes (some of which i will do on my next blog, then print them off)
Luxury bubble bath/shower gel (use it as a treat only)
Paper and pen or notebook (useful to write down your feelings and vent off then chuck it away after if you wish)
Rescue Remedy Drops (From a chemist/supermarket) expensive but they work!!
Small scented candle, (makes the box smell nice, plus handy to keep)
Packet of Scented Tissues.
Spare £5/£10 Mobile Top Up just in case you run out of credit. (Only to use in crisis - cos you don't want to use it then run out when you need it the most)!!
If you can think of anything else that can be added to this list then please leave a comment on here or on my twitter page so i can update this post.

Many thanks, and hope this can be of use to you xxx

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  1. What a fantastic post and an amazing idea. Lovely of you to want to share it too - makes it even more special :-) I love it. x