Life & Fibromyalgia

Well, it's come round to this time of year again, when the coldness starts hitting us. Some of us can cope with the coldness to our bodies, and some of us, like myself, dread the cold. I have had Fibromyalgia since 2004, probably even years before that, but 2004 i was diagnosed.

 Symptons at first was generalized pain, then the tiredness crept in, along with lack of concentration. I have constant pain in the winter, and at times it's excruciating, especially my knees, hips, elbows, shoulder and neck. This causes stiffness and soreness in my muscles, arms and legs are affected.

 It's worse at night, because of the tender points, which means i cannot get comfortable and can't sleep cos of the pain. I'm not one for taking painkillers, but if it gets that bad, i relent, but with the tablets comes side affects because they are so strong. Hence why i have to be desperate to take to take them.

 Every year is life changing, in the Summer months, i'm pretty okay, and thou i still get pain, it increases by 100% in Winter. As soon as the damp and cold start, my body reacts badly to it and I have to adjust to a different way of living.

 I started up a support group once, especially for people with Fibromyalgia/Cfs/ME and ran it for a year, which was good going, but when i started work had to give it up, the group eventually folded, but now I am seriously considering starting it up again, all depends how much help I can get with it, not sure yet, but will keep you informed it it does happen.

 Time for action, I am going to remain positive about this, because I know in the warmer weather I can deal with a lot more, better than I can now. But at the same time coping alone with other problems, family, finances, stress, break up of relationship does not help. And no one to talk to how I am really feeling.

 It just sucks Winter time, because there is not a lot i can do, physically, but i have to be mentally strong now, because if I go under, so does my world. And we can't be having that, can we?

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