Jess Barlow

During my usual daily visits to Twitter, I was chatting to a lovely young lady called Jess Barlow, little did I know that the person I was chatting too has such an amazing voice.  We have tweeted now and again,  but little did I realize that Jess has a real talent for music.  Please take a moment to listen to her lovely voice. All links to her profile are at the bottom of this page. 


From Jess:   

"When I could see no way out of my darkness, when I could see no light to guide the way, music became my only friend....
I discovered music when I was 15 years old, it made me feel all different kinds of emotions, it made my whole body tingle, it gave me a whole new type of confidence that I'd never felt before. THAT'S the moment I discovered I loved to be on stage, singing to an audience of people, letting them hear my voice...
Whenever life throws bumps in the road, whenever I feel lonely, I sing. It makes me happy. Music is in my heart. It's in my soul. It's the only thing I feel happy doing.
I believe I was given my voice for a reason. To help others through the troubles I've faced in my life. To inspire young people. And to give people hope in the darkness.
Music saves lives! I hope one day, my music does exactly that!"

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