Moving Forward

There comes a point in life, where you either get stuck in the same position as you was all those months ago, or you say sod it, let's do something worthwhile.  I think we all need a focus in life,  not necessarily to change our lives, but to do something good and valuable.  Whether this be a new hobby, a change in career, to start all those mundane jobs we have been off putting all these months/years.

We have to get the motivation from somewhere, where do we find it?  well i'm sure you will know when the time is right to move forward. I think we are all guilty at some point in not getting things done whatever it is.

I am just as guilty, keep putting things off, mainly due to me feeling down or when in pain, or even the simplest of feeling inadequate.  It could be anything putting me off from doing the simplest of tasks.

I have been thinking over the last few weeks of going back into volunteering, people are telling me to get better first, not to focus on others, but to mend myself first.  I for one, don't think that will ever happen.

My issues in life are ongoing, I personally think it's how you deal with them yourself.  

I could quite easily end up sitting in my house day after day, not doing anything apart from housework, chatting with friends on the net, just the usual day to day running of the household, but what does this actually achieve, apart from having a clean house, and having a natter?  not an awful lot when it comes down to it.

No, i need to be doing something to help others, to do something worthwhile to make me feel good again, knowing i can help other people.  This would enable me to focus better on myself.  I don't know whether or not i will have more relapses and withdraw into myself, but i sure am going to give it another go in the outside world. I have to, or I am going to sit here and fester.

I will let you know how it all goes, but today I am starting a new leaf and making that first important call to a new challenge in my life. 

There is time for change. 

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