Never Give Up

I have learnt over the years, that giving up is quite a simple way of not dealing with things, it's easy to shut ourselves away, but look where that gets us, we lose contact with the world within us. We stop contacting friends, we stop communicating people around us.  We don't answer the phone, we don't answer the door, and when we do find the courage to get back into the real world the problems are still there, and we have to face them.

Yes, it's easier said than done,  and yes, I know, because I am so guilty of doing just that. 

In my world, things can be easy going, be fun, be crazy, happy filled times, and in the space of an hour, a night, or a couple of days, my world begins to fall apart.  Not that I want it too, but things happen, peoples moods change, too many problems to cope with at once, too much going on for this small brain of mine to handle. 

This is one of the reasons why I never give up.

For years now I have known that my daughter has behaviour  problems.  And in recent times it has become more evident.  So many instances of which is extreme and inconsequential.  For a couple of years I have been told she is just naughty, rude, and really badly behaved.  Each day is a struggle and has been really hard going over the years.  The other day I spoke to a Children's Mental Health Worker about my girl, on the phone for over an hour, and already the worker noticed that my daughter may have Post Traumatic Stress Dis-Order and showing signs of Autism traits, better known as ASD.  The only problem being that this is not a true diagnosis, and that for her to be diagnosed will take a further two years. But we can get help with therapy and coping stratagies for myself. 

I honestly thought I was going mad, but now someone has listened to me, can understand what it has been like for me over the years, and now we are or rather should get help. 

This is a good result for me, often over the years, i have been banging my head against a brick wall in hope that someone will listen not just about my daughter, but about other issues I have been having with myself and my family.  Sometimes we have to shout and scream in order for people to sit up and take notice. 
Sometimes we have to keep on going, however hard it gets, and yes there will be days, when I sink, but I know it won't take long for me to recover. 

So please if ever you feel like life is letting you down, or things get too much, take a little time out, but not too much, and whatever you do, please, never give up. I will keep you all posted on my daughters appointment which isn't till middle of December. So fingers crossed for the both of us.

Thanks for reading. 
Cags xx

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